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Temperature Controlled Transport Vans

Temperature Controlled Transport Vans in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

They say that the world is becoming smaller day by day, but what they really mean is that it is developing so rapidly that the distances seem closer than ever before. Technology has led to such advancements that once the most difficult of task have now become the simplest ones. The impossible has been turned in to possible. Our lifestyles have evolved and we are dependent on globalization to keep up with it. Have you ever wondered how your favorite brand of ice cream from miles away and even maybe from another country is so easily available at your local store? Or how that once rare medicine from abroad is conveniently available at the local pharmacy? Well, it is all thanks to the height of technology, which has led us to the great innovation and development of temperature controlled transport with diverse specifications. Such transport allows people to import or export temperature sensitive goods from all over the world, or to easily move it along long distances within the country. Agencies dealing as temperature controlled logistics are operating in different part of UAE and are equipped with a variety of temperature controlled freight, including temperature controlled vans and trucks.

Temperature Controlled Trucks

A temperature controlled van is an essential tool in the transport of goods that are sensitive to change in temperature. These goods can include certain fresh food items, frozen food items, delicate flowers or plants, medicine and other industrial chemicals, etc. The primary function of temperature controlled vehicles is to lock in the temperature of the storage compartment at a set degree and to not allow it to fluctuate despite the change in outside air temperature. A constant flow of the right temperature allows the sensitive goods to maintain their true shape and essence and stops them from going bad. These perishable goods are also endangered during transportation by the heat produced by the vehicle carrying them. However, temperature controlled transport is designed in such a way that they remove all excess heat from the transport and release it into the outside environment. Their refrigerator systems also work in a similar manner to aid the cooling of the compartment and to restrict the access of any heat into it. When the perishable goods sensitive to change in temperature are transported at such a constant temperature they are bound to remain fresh. Many industries dealing in perishable goods across many economies have benefitted from the use of temperature controlled transport, and have helped generate sufficient business revenue in previously loss bearing sectors.

Temperature Controlled Logistics

Many businesses that deal in the sale and purchase of perishable goods are very prone to losses from the damage to their supply. The use of temperature controlled trucks has been a game changer across all such industries as this has cut down losses by large margins. A very good example of such industries is the fruits and vegetables industry that deals with both the import and export, or selling and buying of fresh fruits and vegetables across countries. UAE is a very big market for this industry. They import fresh vegetables and fruits from different parts of the world and they are simultaneously being distributed amongst all major Emirates and cities. This transaction requires special care and safety to avoid them from rotting and in turn causing losses. Another very important example of such an industry is the pharmaceutical industry, which deals with the import and export of medicine, which is carefully manufactured in safe plants in the outskirts of the cities; in industrial areas. The transportation of pharmaceutical products requires care and is only possible with the use of temperature controlled transport. They therefore hire and sign contracts with agencies that deal with temperature controlled packaging solutions and transport services. These agencies are well equipped to manage the transportation of sensitive perishable goods in temperature controlled transport. They are aware and have the necessary knowledge of the temperature needs of different goods and they make sure to maintain that temperature while carrying each type of goods, until it reaches its destination.

Temperature controlled vehicles have become a crucial part of our economy and help easily provide perishable goods to every corner of the world, connecting people, products and places that was never thought of before. Agencies that provide temperature controlled transport are familiar with the needs of carrying different types of goods that are sensitive to temperature. They deal in a range of different kinds of temperature controlled vehicles to suit the variable needs of their customers. These agencies also have different plans to allow the customers an easy solution to access their services that meet the exact demands of their business and products. They also have a very well trained staff of drivers and technicians that are equipped to maintain and run these technologically advance temperature controlled vehicles.

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