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Open Yard Storage


At Road Link Transport we have resources to help rent safe and secure open yard storage spaces in UAE, which are able to cater large fleet of trucks (after hours) and over sized goods round the clock meaning the yard space is fully optimized. Inbound and outbound traffic and movements of any vehicles is strictly monitored by the security check point located at the entry point to the complex.

Verticals We Serve

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We at Road Link Transport strive improve the flow of goods and keeping in mind to reduce delivery times and costs. With Road Link Transport’s FMCG solutions, your products can punctually arrive at the sales outlet in time.

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Road Link Transport is the specialist for transportation of fast fashion garments, ready-made garments and fashion clothes to and from the UAE. We streamline the entire flow of goods for your textile logistics from production to sale.


Road Link Transport’s service in the transport of pharmaceutical industry is based on vehicles which are temperature controlled, for both ambient and cold chain products.

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We provide logistics services to the automotive industry, which is one of the most complex sectors of all due to the ever-increasing flow of materials between continents and the diverse range of supply chain strategies employed.

Open Yard Storage for Trucks and Trailers in UAE

Roadlink UAE has warehouse partners that can provide companies with the safest and most reliable open yard storage for trucks and trailers in UAE. Our partners are carefully chosen by selecting only those who have accredited licenses and years of experience in this field. The safety of the trucks and trailers parked at the warehouses comes first and nobody is allowed to enter or exit without detailed and efficient security checking. With 24 hours CCTV, professional security personnel and hard surfaced open yard, we provide you with open yard storages as per your requirement and convenience.

The heavy transport vehicles are kept in a safe and dry place to avoid any damage due to weather or human interaction. The open yards are safe storage for any trailers or trucks that a company wishes to park for a long term or short term (after hours). You have the option to choose from covered, unsheltered and enclosed outdoor yards to store trucks and trailers.

Roadlink UAE is committed to providing the top notch facilities and services to it’s customers. Our professional staff is trained to advice you in whatever help that you may need regarding open yard storage for your expensive and bulky trucks and trailers. We only choose yards that are strategically located, but if that is not a priority for you then there are many other options to choose from as well. From FMCGs, oil and petroleum industry, industrial machinery, dry goods to mining industry, we have several big brand names and company names who have been trusting us to choose the best warehouse partner.