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Equipment Rental

Long Term Lease

If you foresee your business needing equipment on a regular basis, short-term rental options may not be in your best interest. Instead, consider a long-term lease that is tailored to fit your needs. Here at Road Link Transport, we offer long-term lease options to fit your thriving and growing business. Whether you need trucks, transport vehicles, refrigerated vans, or any other vehicle we have in our diverse inventory, we can draw up a long-term leasing plan that fits your business’ growing needs while staying within your budget.

You can opt for our maintenance plans that can be included as part of your lease agreement to be certain that your trucks stay on the road, so that maximum optimization is achieved. Lease terms can range from a few months to a few years or more, depending on what your business needs.

Verticals We Serve

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We at Road Link Transport strive improve the flow of goods and keeping in mind to reduce delivery times and costs. With Road Link Transport’s FMCG solutions, your products can punctually arrive at the sales outlet in time.

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Road Link Transport is the specialist for transportation of fast fashion garments, ready-made garments and fashion clothes to and from the UAE. We streamline the entire flow of goods for your textile logistics from production to sale.


Road Link Transport’s service in the transport of pharmaceutical industry is based on vehicles which are temperature controlled, for both ambient and cold chain products.

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We provide logistics services to the automotive industry, which is one of the most complex sectors of all due to the ever-increasing flow of materials between continents and the diverse range of supply chain strategies employed.


We work with our own fleet of general cargo and specialised trucks, lorries and carriers in the G.C.C and MENA Region.

Safety and security is paramount. All land transport services Road Link Transport provides – either using our own fleet and drivers or those of trusted partners – must meet the highest standards.

Long Term Lease Transportation

It is important to choose the right long term lease transportation in UAE, so that once you have signed a lease, you are not troubled with truck maintenance issues or any insurance problems or run into any legal troubles. Having a reliable and experienced company like Roadlink on board for your business is essential to running a business smoothly. Whether you wish to transport dry products like biscuits, powdered milk, tissues boxes etc or goods that require temperature control like butter, milk, chocolates and so on, we have a range of transportation vehicles available.

Roadlink has been in this business for decades and has an excellent track record of providing the unparalleled services and vehicles that will not leave you disappointed. We are known all over the UAE region for our customer service and maintenance services, and that is what keeps our clients loyal to us over the years. For us, our clients come first and we ensure that they are taken care of properly.

Long term rental procurement procedure is quite simple where the client has to fill out the form to let us know of their requirements and if there are any special needs. After that we process the request and get back to you immediately to let you know how the long term lease contract can be drawn up. Initial procedures can be done online without the hassle of visiting the office or waiting for an appointment. Our maintenance department takes care of any add-ons that you may want to install in addition to the features of a vehicle. This may increase the value of the asset and the lease will extended keeping that in mind. For more information on how much a lease would cost, how long it will be and to get any add on equipments contact our customer service department. If you have any specific questions that they are not able to answer, they will transfer you to our technicians, specialists or legal experts to answer any of your questions.

Long Term Lease Transportation

Heavy machinery and equipment needs to be transported, at times across long distances, to it’s destination or site. Most heavy equipment has continuous tires like that of tanks and can not be driven on normal roads as they can cause some serious damage. They have to be transported by loading them on to trucks and trailers, that are specialized for this cause. FMCG and other industries also require trucks or trailers to transport their goods from one port to another or to their destination warehouses. Buying these vehicles can be very expensive, but renting them for a long term is a more feasible option. Roadlink Transport ensures that you get the best heavy equipment loading vehicles, so that any goods or equipment are transported safely and on time.

We have the best long term lease transport contracts in Dubai, with reasonable pricing and well-maintained vehicles. There are also many value added services that we add along with leasing from our impressive fleet of trucks. Roadlink Transport has maintained it’s reputation of being one of the most efficient and budget friendly long term lease transport company in the region. Get in touch with our customer services department, who can guide on which type of vehicle is most suitable for your company’s cargo and how much it would cost. From getting trucks and trailers that are efficient and latest, as well as drivers who are professionally trained, we have it all. No hidden costs, professional dealing and expert drivers -everything will be provided by us and that is why our company’s tagline is to ‘Leave everything on us’!