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How Bonded Transportation is the Next Big Thing!

Waiting for anything is so last year! In 2019, and moving onwards, transportation is all about quick and efficient transportation that delivers goods punctually and as quick as possible. Business owners everywhere are aware of the speed at which the world is moving, and they want to be the fastest. A lot of businesses face delays at the ports, as customs takes a long time. Not just that, but there are many companies out there that require that the goods be re-orked or manipulated before they are put into the market. There are several reasons for it, mainly that packaging has to be changed to meet the country’s regulations or something has to be added or removed. This type of transportation, where the goods do not go through long and tedious customs checking and is directly transported to their warehouses or to their destination is known as bonded transportation.

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Custom bonded transportation requires that the customs officers seal the products and do not put them through the customs process. These sealed packages or pallets are then loaded onto trucks, and can only be opened at the bonded warehouses or at the destination. However, this does not mean that the goods do not go through any custom check, rather it means that they surpass the checking at one point so that they can be transported quickly and then the customs checking is done at the warehouse or at the destination port. This is why more and more companies are trying to opt for bond transport in Dubai as it ensures that the goods reach quicker than usual.

Bonded transportation requires that every transport company in UAE take an approval on the customs bond and then the products are properly sealed. At times, the customs procedure can be so slow due to breakdown in technology or holidays in between that it hinders the whole process and delays it by hours or days. Thus, people are now choosing bonded transportation if it applies to their products and so, they are able to get their goods across more swiftly than expected.

Not just speed, but the whole process allows the companies to re-arrange or change the product itself or the packaging. At times there are toxic chemicals that can not be opened at the customs office and needs to be transported to a bonded warehouse in Dubai. Another example is that of precious stones that may need to be moved to a secure warehouse where professionals can expertly separate or take care properly.

There are many bonded transportation service providers in Dubai and GCC region, but it is important to choose the best one. The reason is that the laws in Dubai regarding bonded goods are followed strictly and only those companies that have a good reputation should be hire for this purpose. From obtaining approvals to getting clearance from customs agents is a necessity but it can easily be done by broker agents, usually provided by the transport company itself. Companies that provide bond transport also give expert drivers that have complete knowledge of the routes and are also extremely reliable.

As mentioned before, companies can help one out in choosing the type of vehicle that is best suited for the type of cargo being transported. From providing load king trailer to boxed vans, bonded transportation can be carried out in any type of heavy vehicle. Abnormal cargo is often transported in heavy lift vehicles that have the right dimensions to carry a differently shaped or abnormal weight. Similarly, for products that require temperature control, customized vehicles that have refrigerator or heating pads available are provided.

Bonded transportation is definitely on the rise and is an excellent choice for all those who fit into the category. Simply go online and check out the reviews of the various companies available and see which one suits you best. Most transport companies have online quotes that are provided to you immediately when you give the information required. This makes it easy to select a company and most are open to negotiations as well as giving customized transport plans. Choose a trustworthy and reliable organization that has years of experience and has the best staff on it’s side.

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