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In the fast moving consumer goods industry, retail and consumer goods, manufacturers demand high volumes of fleet available throughout the year. RoadLink is the top most reliable FMCG transportation company in UAE with the fastest delivery times, trustworthy route schedules, cutting edge tracking technology and many value added services. We strive improve the flow of goods, keeping in mind reduced delivery times and costs. With Road Link Transport’s FMCG solutions, your products can arrive punctually at the sales outlet.

FMCG Transportation Company in UAE

Any cold chain supply or FMCG that requires the transport of their goods from one place to another with complete safety should opt for our top of the line reefer trucks and boxed trailers. Those products that require refrigerated transportation are transported through refrigerated trucks called Reefer Trucks. We provide our clients with the best uptime, punctual deliveries and reliable service. FMCGs require that their goods are delivered at a high speed to their destination, and keeping that in mind we have the best trucks that are well maintained with trained drivers.

Our fleet management system is dependable and we keep a vigilant eye on our trucks, drivers and routes. With routine maintenance checks it is possible to detect any issues beforehand. We are trusted by some of the top FMCG brands like Masafi, Al Marai, Belvita, Lurpak and so on, to transport their temperature controlled goods from origin to destination. Refrigerated trucks and trailers are the life-savers for all cold-chain supply companies, making it possible to not only deliver the products on time, but also to deliver at a fast speed as these products are sold quickly.

FMCGs transport schedules are very tight and can cause anxiety to the management if they are handling it on their own. It is important to have a third party FMCG transportation partner or a company that provides long term lease transportation. Roadlink ensures that FMCGs get the quickest route, efficient drivers and best trucks so that the goods are delivered on time.