Cross Border Transportation GCC

Cross border transportation demands safety, proficiency and transparency of the entire process from the beginning to end. When goods like heavy machinery and project cargoes are transported across legal paperwork and permissions involved, especially since each country has it’s own laws and regulations. Thus, cross border transportation in GCC region must be planned with meticulous care every step of the way. Third party logistic companies like Roadlink UAE cater to multi-modal and complex cross border logistics.

Cross Border Transportation

Roadlink UAE provides dependable and budget friendly cross border transportation in the GCC region. We offer efficient and tailor made packages for businesses that require cross border transport of their equipment, projects, cargo, heavy lift machinery and other heavy lift transportation requirements. We have a large fleet of heavy lift trucks, low bed trailers, front loaders and many such trucks or trailers to assist in moving deliverables from pick up point to destination.


Using a third party logistics partner is a cost efficient solution to transportation of products or heavy cargo as buying a fleet of trucks or trailers is very expensive. However, renting equipment or trucks to transport your equipment is definitely cheaper and also safer. It is safer and more reliable to hire a 3PL company because they have all the facilities, technology and human resource available at hand to help in cross border transportation. Our drivers are trained and have years of experience in moving heavy lift equipment and project cargo across the GCC region. They are aware of the routes and besides that we also provide route optimization using the latest technology. This makes the entire drive and process of transportation much more well organized and effective.


We have a team of qualified experts who enable businesses to transport costly equipment or machinery on time and without any loss. We also provide excellent insurance policies to ensure our clients about they safety of their deliverables. Our team is trained to provide friendly and efficient services so that there are no unnecessary delays in the logistics procedure. We are aware of the hiccups that can be caused due to ill planning of transportation, and thus over the 50 years of being in this business, Roadlink UAE has perfected the process. We have a team of productive individuals who ensure that end to end delivery of heavy equipment is done properly. From loading the equipment and machinery, transportation and delivery of goods, everything is handled with highest level of safety.


Cross border transportation in the GCC region is one of our specialties. We offer all border control solutions and work to troubleshoot any individual issues that may occur at the border. Roadlink UAE provides cross docking documentation procedure and has all the contacts in the border ministry to provide smooth and safe delivery. With our state of the art tracking and logistics technology, you can keep an eye on your delivery trucks or trailer. All of your shipments can be tracked from the time that the delivery starts till the end.


Roadlink UAE offers custom clearance procedures as well so that the process of cross border transportation in GCC  is smooth and further ensures our reliability as a transport company. Our custom clearance team will handle any customs issues and guarantees that heavy lift machinery and projects are transported safely. Our logistics advisory team can assist and guide you about the customs, border control, tax representation and other factors involved in cross border transport. Leave your transport and logistics problems to us, and we can smoothen out the entire process for you as we go through it thousands of times a year. W pride ourselves in our swiftness to perform logistics procedures with complete efficiency and guarantee to complete a project without any hurdles.


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