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Bonded Transportation

Bonded Transportation

Road Link provides one of the best bonded transportation services in United Arab Emirates as we obtain the license to provide bonded transportation in UAE swiftly.

Bonded Transportation requires licensing and obtaining approvals from relevant customs office and filing a declaration to transport goods from a foreign country or foreign goods to it’s destination without having to pay customs duty. At Road Link Transport we are trusted by our clients with such tasks, as we have the license to provide bonded transportation. From the documentation services to the transporting the cargo “Leave everything on us”.


We work with our own fleet of general cargo and specialised trucks, lorries and carriers in the G.C.C and MENA Region.

Safety and security is paramount. All land transport services Road Link Transport provides – either using our own fleet and drivers or those of trusted partners – must meet the highest standards.

Bonded Transportation Services in UAE

Roadlink is one of the most reliable bonded-transportation services in UAE, as we make the promise that you can make the choice of paying custom taxes at the port of your choice. When goods have entered a city port or border of UAE, but you want the products to be delivered to you in another city, you can skip paying the customs at the former port. This can only be done through companies like Roadlink that have obtained the license to waive off customs and ship your goods as bonded transportation. The goods then reach the destination of your choice, where they will be cleared and taxes paid. These goods can also be stored at an official bonded warehouse with permission from the government of UAE. Roadlink UAE is a licensed customs broker and bonded transportation operator, thus we can obtain a declaration of bonded transportation on the condition that the goods pass the customs office’s rules and regulations.

An application of approval must be provided by the company that is wanting to ship goods between destinations and it must be cleared by the customs office. We, as customs brokers save you the time, money and hassle in getting all the legal paperwork done. We provide the best customer service for bond transportation services in UAE. Our expert customs broker officers have full nowledge and experience of the customs laws and licensing rules and they can help you through every step of the way. We are licensed to hold your goods in compliance with bonded transportation laws on behalf of your company and act as the third party between you and the government.